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5 Tips to Help you Save Money on Housing as a Travel Nurse

Becoming a travel nurse is a fulfilling experience where you get to help people and travel the world. These are the reasons why many people choose this profession. But traveling so extensively also comes with costs such as hefty bills for travel nurse houses and housing providers.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 simple ways you can save money on housing providers so that your work doesn’t take a toll on your pocket.

Let us dive in!

Use Specialized Booking Sites for Healthcare Travelers

housing provider booking sites made with healthcare workers in mind understand the complications and problems associated with the job. These sites offer lower rates and discounts on housing providers, car rentals, and airlines—even more so than many of the leading travel sites.

More Value With Extend Stay housing providers

Extended stay housing providers provide amenities that your typical apartment-style accommodations usually don’t. Even though there is not much difference in terms of prices, you get more bang for your buck. These extended stay housing providers balance the experience of a comfortable home and a luxurious housing provider. Many of these housing providers are available on sites like or Expedia.

Choose Accommodations Yourself

Choosing accommodations on your own such as apartments for long term stays, can help you save money and pocket the difference from the stipend provided to you. More often than not, accommodations recommended by the travel nursing agency take up all of the stipend money, but if you search around for yourself, you’re sure to find some at cheaper rates. Choosing apartments for long term stays can help you achieve that too.

Pick up the Phone!

Calling housing providers has gone out of fashion, and everyone is booking online these days. But there’s a catch; housing providers rarely show the wiggle room online, where everyone can see the prices. Which is why, you can get special prices if you just make a call.

Many traveling nurses on the internet have claimed that calling housing providers directly and asking for better prices has saved them up to $7 a day. Why don’t you give it a try too?

Loyalty Programs

As a travel nurse who frequently stays in housing providers, you can quickly travel the long road to becoming an elite member. It is a fancy term that gets the door open for you to all the freebies, upgrades, deals, discounts, and more.

Once you reach that status, many housing providers will be more than happy to accommodate you into their loyalty programs, where you’ll get rewards regular lodgers don’t get. These programs also let you redeem housing provider points for things like shopping, travel, and dining. With these tips, you’re all set for a lodging experience that is also easy on the pocket. Try experimenting with them to see what works best for you!

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