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Travel Nurse Hotel?

Travel nursing is a demanding job. Even with all the perks and the fun of traveling, being on the move constantly can take a toll on you. It takes more of a toll on you when you don’t find comfortable housing, causing you to have trouble concentrating on your new assignment or settling into a new city.

Let’s be honest. Dallas is a terrific city to get a travel nurse assignment in. The art, margaritas, music, and lively food scene make this Texan city a dream destination for many people. However, what can you do if you can’t find suitable accommodation in time for your assignment?

You sign up for a travel nurse hotel, of course!

Travel Nurse Hotels

So. Suppose you got your Dallas assignment, and you’re making the relevant arrangements but can’t find anything that offers a lease shorter than a year. But you won’t be here for a year! Some buildings don’t allow pets. What about your cat? Some buildings don’t have a concierge or a doorman. Who will answer all your questions about this new city?

All of these problems resulted in one very simple solution. Travel nurse hotels. This phrase refers to those apartments, or living spaces that offer short leases, are fully-furnished, allow you to bring your pets, and make any necessary changes to accommodate you. At the end of your stay, you can pack up and leave without the hassle of letting go of a rental apartment and selling your furniture and whatnot. Sounds like a perfect idea, doesn’t it?

Benefits of Travel Nurse Hotels

One of the popular travel nurse hotel services in Dallas, Texas, is PBD Living. So, why do so many travel nurses working in Dallas opt for this service? Let’s find out.

Fully Furnished

Who wants to go through the hassle and the expense of buying and selling furniture in a new city every few months. PBD Living allows travel nurses to stay in properties that are fully furnished and come equipped with every appliance and equipment you can think of, such as a coffee machine, TV with streaming services, refrigerator, bed, couch, and several other things.

Virtual Concierge

Have a question? The virtual concierge at this travel nurse hotel will answer all your questions, make bookings on your behalf, recommend good places to eat nearby, and satisfy your curiosity just like a normal concierge at a hotel would. However, imagine having to pay the exorbitant hotel fees all because you don’t have the resources to get a fully-furnished accommodation in Dallas! PBD Living has partnered with YourWelcome to offer in-home tablets to guests for access at their fingertips. Everything from ordering from local restaurants to scheduling a rental car for a longer term stay.


Being a travel nurse can be a little lonely sometimes. You often wonder if you should quit and put down roots when you’re alone but not when you have a furry friend around. Cats and dogs are like family members but some buildings do not allow their residents to keep pets, which can be a huge problem for travel nurses with pets.

However, in some travel nurse hotels such as PBD Living, you can choose from a variety of pet-friendly locations all over Dallas so you don’t have to be separated from your little family members.


It’s hard to constantly be on the move but the right arrangements can make it all very easy. You can find a home away from home in a travel nurse hotel which can allow you to do your job peacefully and come home to a relaxed atmosphere.

Checkout our portfolio of shared homes (rent by the room) and ask our team for our exclusive employee discounts for Baylor Scott and White Medical Center staff located in downtown Dallas minutes from the hospital.

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