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Is Your Short Term Rental Safe?

Looking for a reliable place for short term rental? Read on to find out whether the rental space you’re considering is safe to live in or not.

Are you traveling to a new place for a short period? A short-term rental is an idea worth considering. However, finding a place for a brief time is an exhausting task. It would help to consider various safety factors such as the neighborhood, landlord, and certifications.

Fortunately, we’ve jotted down a few tips below to ensure that you pick a safe option. It will help you find a great place to call home for however long you need. Are you excited? Let’s begin!

How Safe Is Your Short Term Rental?

To help you get the best and safe deal, we have a few valuable tips on short term renting below. It will help you find out whether the place you’re considering renting is safe or not. Let’s check them out!

Safe Location

Location can either make or break the short term renting. While it is impossible to find out how safe a given area is, there are specific ways to get a feeling of the neighborhood’s character and figure out the kind of general threats and social issues.

For example, crime statistics are available on the internet in many parts of America. It can give you a pretty clear picture of how safe the location or neighborhood is.

Reliable Owner

Whether booking the place through an agent or directly with the owner, it is essential to know the person you’re dealing with. To ensure that the owner is reliable and trustworthy, you can also visit the owner to complete your initial assessment when possible. Due to COVID and sometimes high occupancy virtual tours are an alternative.

It will help you assess the person’s character and clarify matters quickly. What’s more, it can also be an excellent opportunity to bargain over the rental price. Ideally, your housing partner should also be using a secure payment method or structured platform such as which provides multiple forms of payment (i.e. bank ACH, debit card, credit card, etc.). Payments requested via Venmo or Cash App (and sometimes Zelle) should be done with caution.

Safety Certification

Many companies out there determine whether the place is safe to live in on a short-term basis is not. One such platform is Breezeway which performs the home safety review and identifies all the safety shortfalls in short-term rental properties. If the property is safe to be rented out, the company then issues a certificate to the owner known as Breezeway Safety Certification.

So, if you rent a property on a short term basis, make sure that it is certified by a reliable company so that you can have peace of mind.

Terms of Contract

Your safety and benefit need to read and re-read the contract before signing it. That’s because it contains all the terms you agree to, such as payment schedule details, security, and housekeeping. Therefore, you must have a close look at the contract.

Let PBD Living Handle Your Short Term Rental Problems

Are the above tips too much to handle? Let PBD take all your short term rental problems while you sit back and relax. Whether you’re a business professional or someone who loves to travel frequently, PBD will provide a comfortable and safe temporary home for you, and that too in your budget. Select homes have been certified through Breezeways Safety Certification program so that you have piece of mind.

Checkout properties and availability at

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